There is always a better way to improvise the security system to fight against crime. Inferno products is the answer to all such questions to control the crime rate especially in countries where the government and security officials are helpless.
One such case was reported in a tobacco shop in Denmark – The tobacco shop in the central town was almost robbed every 3rd day after the city was set to sleep sometime after midnight. They need to inform the police and investigation process would bring them further more losses as the shop was sealed by the policemen for couple of hours to complete the investigation process. The unusual fact which surprised the owners of the shop was that, the burglars would not take anything else but the cigarettes and snus (Scandinavian chewing tobacco). These burglars are mostly the drug addicts or alcoholic people who cannot survive the urge of this tobacco, which leads to these kind of robberies.
The shop owner left no stone unturned to stop these robberies which costed him a lot of money but the problem seemed out of control. Right then when he was on a phone call with his friend from Russia explaining him how he feels unsafe about his business and economy, he then suggested him to install the Inferno security sound barrier. Without giving it a second thought he gets the security installers to integrate Inferno sound barrier with the security system in the shop and today almost half a year later he is the happiest person ever. Burglars gave 2-3 attempts to understand that now the scenario is changed and with Inferno installed robbery is not that easy.
Once gain Inferno laid down the right example to stop and “Kill the crime”. One of the best sound barrier so far in the industry.